The Rigors of Tech’s Wrestling Team

BTHS Sports, Features — By on December 1, 2009 10:44 pm

Reported by Isabella Schaedle
Editor: Chiyeung Lau

I sat down with Tyler Wong, a member of the wrestling team, one day to ask him questions about the Wrestling team. The Brooklyn Tech Wrestling Team is one of many teams in the school, but the effort and dedication needed to participate in the team is extraordinary. The team practices every day of the week, and during the wrestling season Saturday practice is required as well. Their season is during the grueling cold winter and the rigor of their training is intensified by the training they are required to do. They are required by the Coach to run up and down the stair cases multiple times, do constant push ups and situps and run laps around the school. The amount they run is much more than what the track team runs. Aside from cardiovascular exercises, the team is required to work out in the school gym in order to gain strength needed for wrestling. Most importantly they do constant wrestling drills in order to learn new wrestling moves as well as perfect their technique. Those who wish to join must not be weak minded. The current roster on the team is composed of 70 people, but only half of those people show up for practice. Only those who are committed can succeed. If you wish to become stronger, more athletic and meet new people, you should definitely look into the Wrestling team. It may be a rigorous team to join, but the sense of accomplishment and family within the team is well worth it.