Common Core Standards

Features, Tech News — By on April 23, 2014 4:48 am

Common Core Standards have been a controversial issue in recent years. What is Common Core? For most of us, it brings up the horrifying image of long hours of standardized testing. These educational standards are an effort to bring the whole nation at one steady pace of learning. Students in each grade are taught the same content for subjects, such as mathematics and English Language Arts, all over the nation to bring everyone at the same level of learning. The standards are funded by the government from what is known as the “Race to the Top” program. Issues have begun rise regarding the new educational standards.


Students, parents, and even teachers started to mention problems associated with Common Core. Complaints have been received about the new standards being too rigorous. It challenges students far too much, causing them to fail rather than achieve more. Some students end up putting themselves down after noticing how poorly they were doing with work involving the new educational standards. Parents do not want their children to think negatively nor to be pressured so much. As an act of protest by parents, some students switched to homeschooling. Teachers are unable to teach the topics to the extent that they would like to. All educators are forced to follow the exact curriculum and teach in the exact methods rather than their preferred choice. Students who are behind in their studies due to mental or physical problems are disregarded in the new standards, an unjust flaw in the Common Core, which many people have questioned in its constitutionality.

Americans are going to great lengths to end Common Core standards. Some politicians such as the governors of Wisconsin and FLorida are working to overrule the idea of the Common Core.The opposition towards this education system is slowly increasing as many more reasons develop for eliminating Common Core.