Lego Movie Review (Spoiler Warning!)

Entertainment, Features — By on April 23, 2014 4:53 am

The Lego Movie is suitable for anyone of any age to watch. The whole movie is based simply on Legos, and the different things that can be constructed from the small, bricklike toys. Modern phrases and typical everyday activities of the average person takes place. In the movie, it starts out with a Master Builder, Vitruvius, making up a fake prophecy that will defeat the evil business man, Lord Business. Three and a half years later, an ordinary Lego man named Emmet is getting ready for his construction job and meeting his “friends”. Emmet does not have any friends though, he appears to not have any of his original ideas and only controls his actions by following rules from a book.  Later on, he becomes “The Chosen One” from the fake prophecy made from the past. Emmet’s task was to defeat Lord Business from permanently preventing Legos from exploring other Lego building sets. This led him to start using his own original ideas and finally, he becomes a Master Builder while saving the Lego World.

Characters of the Lego World in the movie was related to conflicts going on between a businessman father and his child in the reality part of the movie. The businessman did not accept his son mixing up characters and parts of different Lego building sets together. The son was fooling around with the father’s models, creating characters like Lord Business, based on his own father. Saving the Lego World included the use of characters that were Master Builders, or professional Lego building creators. These types of people exist in real life as well. Some include Ryan McNaught, Matija Puzar, and Nathan Sawaya. They make enormous creations from using pieces of different Lego sets, including models of buildings, their own faces, or plain things like a fish. Other master builders are employees of the Lego company, and they are seen as “highly-trained  and super-creative builders“, as stated from the Lego website. They create the official Lego sets seen in toy stores all over.  I also happened to notice that there were references of other movies or people in the Lego Movie. These include the use of Batman, Shaquille O’Neal, and the familiar settings and sounds of the Wild West.

The mixture of the real world and the Lego World with the same problems was a great idea. It changed my whole perspective of the movie from thinking it was some typical little kid animation to seeing the problems that can happen in some households in a realistic, funny way. I would recommend this to anyone, especially people who are very experienced with Legos or enjoy using them.