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Bonnie Yu (left) and Emma Fountain (right)

As summer hit the halls of Brooklyn Tech last June, so did BTHS Talks. Headlines all across BTHS Facebook groups held word of a new club coming to school. This BTHS version of TED Talks would hold its signature lecture series but it also holds promise beyond the horizon of TED Talks.


“This school is so big, so we wanted to create more of a community feeling,” said Emma Fountain (LAS ’16) and Bonnie Yu (Architecture ’16), co-founders of BTHS Talks. Of course, that’s exactly what’s in store for their audience. Breaking barriers between speaker and audience, BTHS Talks will hold a Q&A session at the end of each talk.  Audience members will be able to ask their heated questions or state their opinions directly to the speakers during the presentation. Forget the formalities, bring deeper interaction. Both the speakers and the audience will be in mutually beneficial conversations. This will promote critical thinking and deeper bonds in learning. Above all, each talk recording will be posted online to the benefit of the school.
The big question still remains. What are some of Fountain and Yu’s main goals for BTHS Talks?


“We believe in the power of teenage minds, and especially in a school like Brooklyn Tech, where there are over 5,000 brilliant individuals, there is so much potential for new innovations. We want to share knowledge in a fun way and get people invested in current events, both worldwide and domestic.”

Hoping many more will fervently share in their vision, Fountain and Yu aims to attract over 200 loyal audience members gradually. Both of these leaders understand the importance of keeping and helping their loyal audience. They are constantly working on maintaining a “steady stream of interesting topics and presentations.” The diverse student body of Brooklyn Tech is sure to have a varied range of interests. In a time of searching and forming their identities, it is crucial for students to learn more about their surroundings and their world. BTHS Talks offers them insight into underlying themes and issues.


Above all, how can the audience of Brooklyn Tech learn from the BTHS Talks?

  1. Use the Q&A session effectively. Fountain and Yu encourages students to develop new, deep opinions from the talks. After all, BTHS Talks is a means to connect students to the issues and lessons of the world.
  2. Use the Facebook community. Discuss online! Hit up on upcoming talks or select events based on interests!
  3. Use the suggestion box. Recommend speakers and topics that you would like to hear.


“The BTHS Talks organization is a place where we aim to spread the reach of community, to provide a platform for ideas and tutorials from students, and to foster critical thinking.”


Students are encouraged to use BTHS Talks to learn more knowledge and improve themselves. Overall, BTHS Talks has been receiving positive remarks about the usefulness of the talks. Expected to launch around October, BTHS Talks will soon come up in school advertisements.


Check back at BTHSnews for more updates on Fountain and Yu’s BTHS Talks endeavor!


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