Top NBA Rookies (So Far)

Beyond Tech, BTHS Sports, Features — By on February 4, 2015 9:50 pm

We are about halfway through the basketball season, and some rookies have been adjusting to the NBA extremely well.  They have stood out and displayed their skills excellently this season, and are definitely contenders for future NBA stardom. Here’s my list of top rookies: 

     5. K.J. McDaniels – Philadelphia 76ers

K.J. has been adjusting extraordinarily well to being in the NBA.  He’s really goes the distance in casino games by taking advantage of all the time he has.  He casually makes shots, gets rebounds, and pulls a few assists here and there.  He definitely could be a future key player.  For an understandable example, he’s what Chris Bosh is to the Miami Heat.


     4. Elfrid Payton - Orlando Magic

Elfrid goes out in the court and does exactly what a point guard should do: perfectly set his teammates  up for a point.  He’s one of the top rookies in the assisting category and gets some match points up whenever he can. The Orlando Magic is lucky to pick him up, because he’s the best rookie point guard out there so far and has great potential.


     3. Nerlens Noel - Philadephia 76ers

Nerlens is by far the best center player from the 2014 draft.  His astonishing height is an exceptionally good advantage.  He’s reliable: he gets a lot of rebounds, steals a couple of points for the team, and gets at least one block every game.  He has a great future ahead of him if he continues working on his technique and giving all he’s got on the court.


     2. Jabari Parker - Milwaukee Bucks

Jabari is “the next big thing.”  He’s a remarkable rookie.  He’s highly ranked in this list because he’s been playing  with constant skill and dedication since the very beginning of the season. It’s visibly obvious as to why he’s the second draft pick.  His defense and offense is consistently on target.


     1. Andrew Wiggins – Milwaukee Bucks

It was incredibly difficult choosing between Andrew and Jabari.  Both are doing great for their teams and are no doubt upcoming stars in the NBA.  The only thing that I could separate them by was simply down to the numbers – basically the raw stats (of which Jabari had higher).  So if someone told me Jabari was the best rookie, I wouldn’t exactly argue since Andrew and Jabari are truly “neck and neck” for the top spot.